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My Positions

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"If ethics are poor at the top, the behavior is copied down through the organization"

Robert Noycce

My Six Major Goals

  1. Growth - To provide a planned approach to guiding growth and commerce
  2. Management - To improve accountability and consistency in leadership and management decision-making processes
  3. Finance - To maximize revenue and minimize cost.  To ensure we are good stewards of tax payer monies
  4. Technology - To upgrade and update the use of technology in all departments.  Using technology to handle city operation more effectively
  5. Employees - To employ and retain exceptional staff keeping credibility and integrity in all we do
  6. Communications - Develop trust-building opportunities to improve two-way communications and ensure follow through on commitments

My Commitments

  1. Community Involvement:  I firmly believe in gathering input from all parties and utilizing those inputs in making decisions for the betterment of all.  To that end, I will be hosting Quarterly Town Hall Meetings to answer questions and get input.
  2. Strategic Planning:  There is no Strategic Plan for the city.  Under my leadership, city leaders, business leaders and citizens will be invited to be a part of the process to plan for the city's future.  We will formulate a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement by establishing a Strategy that outlines Objectives set forth to achieve certain Goals.  Once an overall plan is in place for the city, we will then concentrate on Strategic Planning for various departments:  (This list is not all inclusive.) 
    1. Water and Wastewater:  At minimum, create plans to: 
      1. Replace vacuum portion of our Sanitary Sewer System with gravity lines
      2. Implement a plan to replace old worn-out water meters with new Radio Read Meters, eliminating the need for workers to physically read the meters
      3. Ensure our current Wastewater Treatment Plant (now under construction) meets the needs of the city as far into the future as possible.
    2. Police Department:  At minimum, create plans to:
      1. Fully staff 24-Hour Dispatch 
      2. Automate, as best as possible, how officers are dispatched and how reports are taken and managed.
      3. Establish a Drug Take-Back Site
    3. Fire Department:  At minimum, create plans to:
      1. Fully implement Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Operations Plan (currently being written by me)
      2. Establish a new Fire/Police/Ambulance Sub-Station in the South end of town
      3. Work toward a Full-Time Department
    4. Street Department:  At minimum, create:
      1. ​A Master Street Improvement Plan which will prioritize which streets are repaired each year
      2. A Master Drainage Plan which will prioritize which culverts and ditches needed to ensure the flooding potential is kept to a minimum
  3. ​​Technology Upgrades:  The city is behind in the use of technology.  I am a big believer in the use of technology to better our processes and provide better customer service.  I will work toward modernizing our systems as resources allow. 

My Values 

  • God First.
  • Integrity matters.
  • Service above self
  • Honesty is a must.
  • Humility is a gift. 
  • Listen More, Talk Less.

My Visions for Ward