My name is Charles Gastineau, and I want to be your Mayor. 

Having lived in Ward for over 27 years, I believe my unique blend of public and private sector experience will serve Ward well.  I served in the Air Force for over 22 years and worked for over 15 years for plaintiff class action law firms in Little Rock while serving as a volunteer on the Ward Fire Department, City Planning Commission and then as an elected member of the City Council where I served for 15 years. I believe I have the proven leadership skills to move Ward forward, modernize the processes that run the city, and bring a more positive open attitude to the city.  

I thank all my supporters and those who voted for me in November.  However, I did not get the majority of the votes so we are in a runoff election.  Please get out and Vote Dec 4.  Traditionally, voter turnout for runoff elections is low.  Early voting starts Nov 27 and runs through Dec 3.  I respectfully, once again, ask for your vote.  Thanks! 

Working Hard For You

Candidate, Charles Gastineau

Ronald Reagon

"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives "

For mayor of ward


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