Below is a sample of my major accomplishments/highlights (and some comments)as a

Ward City Council Member and Deputy Operations Director 

Summary as Council Member

  • June 2005 - Initiated discussion for city 1st Website.  Launched August 2005​​
  • October 2005 - Insisted and motioned that council members would be included in future budget discussions
  • October 2007 - Successfully blocked passage of Ordinance that would have banned a specific breed (Pit Bulls) arguing the existing Vicious Dog Ordinance was sufficient
  • ​March 2008 - After ABC issued a Private Club license in Ward, voted NO to using Public Funds to file lawsuit to block the issuance of the license arguing this was not a good use of Public Funds.  The motion passed regardless of my NO vote.  Two days later in a Special Session, the council voted to overturn their previous action to use Public Funds to fight the issuance of the Private Club license.  
  • September 2011 - Successfully blocked passage of Ordinance that would have BANNED parking in the city arguing that it was an overreach of local government
  • ​August 2014:  Only Council Member to vote NO on all reading of proposed 1% sales tax increase.  Ordinance passed and was eventually approved by the voters.

​Summary as Deputy Operations Director


  • Developed, published and maintained new websites for the City          ( and Parks and Recreation (
  • Initiated District Court Office Procedures Manual
  • Initiated an update Emergency Operations Plan
  • Managed Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Phase II Project
  • Coordinated first-ever Community Night with The Arkansas Travelers for all citizens and employees
  • Initiated process to move Ward District Court to the Arkansas Supreme Court Context Court Management Software.  When implemented, all court documents will be available on-line
  • Oversaw installation/implementation of 10 Cell Phone Read Water Meters on a trial basis


  • ​Managed city websites and social media outlets
  • Coordinated now annual Community Night with The Arkansas Travelers
  • Finalized 1st Draft of Emergency Operations Plan
  • Participated in several Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) exercises
  • Oversaw installation of donated outdoor warning siren
  • Developed/updated Purchase Order and Fleet Maintenance procedure


  • Continued to manage city websites and social media outlets
    Coordinated annual Community Night with The Arkansas Travelers

  • Finalized City of Ward Emergency Operation Plan.  Awaiting Mayor approval before presentation to the City Council for implementation.
  • In preparation of the upcoming 2020 Census, I reviewed the documents provided and added 746 addresses that were not listed.  This will directly affect how much turn-back money the City of Ward will receive in future years.  Project was completed 30 day before due to the US Census.
  • Created and finalized a Health and Safety Plan where none existed before.  Awaiting Mayor approval before being sent to the City Council for implementation.
  • In the process of creating Job Descriptions for every employee position in the city as very few currently exist.   

HIghlights as a 15-Year City Council Member

  • 1/1/03:  Sworn In to first term
  • 2/16/04:  Discovered that Allied Ambulance was providing EMS to the city without a contract.  Appointed to head the Ambulance Committee.  6/21/04:  After several months of meeting and having the issue tabled a couple months, motioned and voted Yes to O-2004-4, Ambulance Service
  • 8/26/04:  After several months of items being added to the agenda last minute, I motioned that any information going to the council should be in writing and send out with the monthly council member packets...barring emergencies
  • 6/5/05:  Opened discussion about putting a ballot measure up to extend city council members from the current 2-year terms to 4-year staggered terms as allowed by state law.  
  • 6/5/05:  Discussed the need for the city to have a website.  Motioned to have the city find a service to develop and maintain a city website.  8/15/05: activated
  • 6/5/05:  Requested that all current and future ordinances be cataloged and accessible via the web.  2/11/08:  $3,500 authorized for the Municipal League to codify the city's ordinances.  11/14/11:  Ordinances finally consolidated into the Ward Municipal Code....but not put on the web.
  • 6/5/05:  After discussion, motioned to have an ordinance drafted calling for a Special Election to extend Council Member terms.  9/19/05:  Motioned to table O-2005-04, Special Election till next year due to costs of Special Election.  6/12/06:  Voted YES to Ordinance 2006-05 to put Alderman Terms on the November ballot.  Voting yes would have changed Council Member terms from 2-year to 4 (alternating)  November 2006:  The ballot measured failed.
  • 10/17/05:  Lead discussion as to why the Council was not involved in the Budgetary process.  Motioned to involve the Council in the budgetary process.
  • 3/16/06:  Lead discussion concerning personal use of city vehicles.  Motioned to allow me to draft a written policy for personal use of city vehicles
  • 7/9/.07:  Ordinance banning Pit Bulls presented to Council
  • 8/13/07:  Ordinance banning Pit Bulls introduced for vote.  After a lengthy discussion, I motioned to remove the Ordinance from consideration arguing since we already have a Vicious Dog Ordinance, one specifically banning a breed was unneeded.  Motion passed.  
  • 11/12/07:  Water/Wastewater Superintendent briefed Council on radio read water meters.  Motioned to allow Henard to perform a cost analysis.  2/10/09:  Briefed again on radio read meters.
  • March 2008:  Testified before the Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board against approving a Private Club in Ward.  3/31/08 Special Meeting:  Listened to several citizens voice their displeasure over the the ABC's decision to approve the Private Club.  It was motioned that the city should sue to block the issuance of the license.  I voted NO arguing that tax payer monies did not need to be spent on fighting this in court as it would be better for a private organization to file the suit.  4/8/08 Special Meeting:  Called by the Mayor to discuss the previous decision to file a lawsuit to block the issuance of a Private Club license.  Voted YES to repeal the decision.  
  • 4/14/08:  Listened to presentation from a non-profit organization wanting to build a Youth Center behind city hall.  
  • 7/14/08:  I presented a Ordinance I drafted concerning sexually orientated businesses.  8/11/08:  I tabled the Ordinance till I could speak with the city attorney.  Subsequently dropped the Ordinance because State law was adequate.
  • 11/10/08:  Heard discussion of a proposed RV park near Hwy 38 and 319.  After a lengthy discussion, I motioned to deny the proposal as it had not been drawn up to Health Department standards and the developer refused to get Health Department approval prior to bringing it to the Planning Commission
  • 1/12/09:  Tim Lemons of Lemons Engineering briefed on two possible solutions to the Hwy 319/267 Intersection; Roundabout or Turn Lanes
  • 1/12/09:  Motioned to put Ordinance 2009-01 RV Parks on First Reading.  I authored the Ordinance
  • 7/13/09:  Lead discussion about the Park and Recreation Commission's lack of monthly financial reports.  Commissioner Mark Brooke stated they had had computer issues.
  • 7/11/11:  Ordinance 2011-04 Parking Ordinance presented for 1st Reading.  It was sent back for revisions.  8/8/11: (I was on vacation)  O-2011-4 Parking Ordinance presented for 2nd Reading.  9/12/11:  O-2011-04 Parking Ordinance presented for 3rd Reading.  This version was very different from the one present in July as it now contained a ban on street parking city-wide.  I lead a  very heated discussion arguing that banning street parking city-wide was an overreach of government.  Voting to pass the Ordinance tied (due to some absences)  The Mayor decided not to vote which meant the Ordinance did not pass.  10/10/11:  O-2011-04 Parking Ordinance was brought up once again by the Mayor.  After another heated discussion, I motioned to table the Ordinance indefinitely.  The Motion passed.  4/8/13:  Motioned and voted YES to send Ordinance 2013-03 - Vehicle Parking back to committee.  1/13/14:  Motioned and voted YES to terminate any further discussion of a parking ordinance.
  • 8/13/12:  Voted YES to disband the Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • 12/10/12:  Voted YES to allow the Mayor to obtain LUZA to help fund the Hwy 319/367 Intersection
  • 2/11/13 and 2/26/13 Special Meeting:  Voted YES to refinance 2008 bonds saving the city $492k
  • 6/10/13:  I was the only Council Member who actually visited the house where a lady wanted to keep a miniature horse.  I motioned to deny the request.  Motion passed.
  • 7/14/14:  Listened to the Street Department Superintendent and Parks and Recreation Director asked for a 1-cent sales tax increase to fund their programs without any specifics.  I motioned the discussion be tabled more facts on what specifically was needed.  Each department wanted to split the 1-cent sales tax 50/50 effectively give the Street Department and Parks and Recreation the same revenue amount given to the Police and Fire Department in their 1-cent sales tax that was in effect for years.  The Mayor appointed all council members to a Public Service Committee to explore the issue. 8/11/14:  Voted NO to each reading and adoption of the Ordinance putting the 1-cent sales tax increase on the November ballot.  The Ordinance passed.  November 2014:  Voters approved a 1-cent sales tax increase with all the funds going into the General Fund...NOT divided by the Street Department and Parks and Recreation.  
  • 6/8/15:  Voted YES to to move forward with plans for a new 1.5MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Initial plans called for a 1MGD plant.
  • 12/14/15:  Resigned City Council position

"If ethics are poor at the top, the behavior is copied down through the organization"

Robert Noycce


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  • Integrity matters.
  • Service above self
  • Honesty is a must.
  • Humility is a gift. 
  • Listen More, Talk Less.

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